Company Mission

To become the premier, marketing and digital marketing company in Kenya and Africa, with a name synonymous with quality, perfection and innovation. We intend to grow to have a footprint spanning the continent, providing our clients with cross-continental services and products that separate their marketing efforts from their competitors.

About Us Good Ideas Lab

Good Ideas Lab is a company made up of a bunch of really exceptional and passionate marketers.

We're an integrated marketing agency offering a range of services, from advertising to branding and strategy development. We bring our full range of in-house services together to provide complete, exceptional, services to all of our clients.

We know that emotional bonds govern the behavior of people towards brands and consumers respond more positively to brands who know how to connect with them in ways that matter through something they’re passionate about. At Good Ideas lab, we make that happen in a way that’s personally relevant and memorable to the consumer and that achieves the brand’s objectives.

How we do what we do

With attention to details and eye for uniqueness.


Based on the brief and objectives we conceptualize the most effective way to emotionally connect with the target audience in environments where they are most receptive.


We manage and oversee the roll-out and implementation of entire campaigns. These could be anything from launching products, brands and ideas to generate demand; engaging customers, consumers and communities to drive sales and advocacy or aligning employees and sales channels to deliver on the brand promise


Using selected third party suppliers – we track campaign results based on the pre-agreed objectives and the metrics put in place to measure them.

Ready to start your next marketing campaign with us?

We are located at Riara Corporate Suites, Riara Road, Kilimani - Nairobi, Kenya
PHONE: +254 (0)20 240 4790

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